L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Endorses Republican Candidate For Attorney General

Written by Vincent Cain

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who identifies as a “proud Democrat,” endorsed republican candidate Nathan Hochman,  who is running to become California’s Attorney General. Villanueva appeared at a press conference on Thursday to show his support for Hochman, who has also served as assistant U.S. Attorney General in 2008 under president George W. Bush.

Hochman is running against Rob Bonta, who is a progressive democrat, and aligned with the criminal justice reform movement.

“I’m a supporter of Nathan’s because it’s time we get serious about reducing crime, ending homelessness, and holding those in power accountable when they abuse that power or engage in corruption,” said Villanueva. “I want a partner at the state attorney general’s office … that will actually hold criminals accountable. We also need smart and intelligent leaders who can help law enforcement across the state and target and arrest the most notorious criminals, get guns off the streets, and investigate major crime sprees and political corruption.” 

Now, Bonta’s office is examining several investigations led by Villanueva’s department. One L.A. County official asserted in a letter sent to Bonta that the sheriff had used “these investigations to discourage legitimate oversight of himself and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and to retaliate against any public official who criticizes him or the Sheriff’s Department.”

At the Thursday Press Conference, Hochman devoted Sheriff Villanueva to being a great ally of law enforcement if elected California’s A.G.

“I’m not going to defund the police. I will provide more funds to the police so that they can do a better job, and I will treat them as partners in the solutions, rather than as enemies and part of the problem,” Hochman stated at the conference.

The primary election is selected for June 7, and the general election will take place on November 8. 

Photo Cred: AP