Newsom Claims Victory As Californians Pay The Price

Written by T. Logan Dayne

As California gas prices skyrocket to record-breaking numbers, California Governor Gavin Newsom is doubling down on a plan for zero-emission cars. Newsom is pushing ahead with his plan to eliminate gas-powered cars by 2035, setting the stage for new auto emission rules and guaranteeing the Californians will be suffering at the pump for years to come.

California has the highest gas prices in the nation and Newsom is determined to keep it that way. In a statement by the Western States Petroleum Association, it was said that, “If the Newsom administration would approve the more than 1,000 permits for new production that have been waiting for months, and in some cases years, California could immediately increase supplies of affordable, reliable energy for ourselves and the West.” (emphasis added) The gas prices which have hit, and will continue to hit, middle and lower-class families has been an unnecessary burden, especially as many are still suffering coming out of the California lockdowns. Newsom himself has consistently ignored the lockdowns and mandates his own administration has imposed and he himself will be one of the least affected by these unnecessarily high gas prices.

Still he sees this as a victory as many now struggle, making sacrifices that Newsom will never face. In his State of the State speech, Newsom continued his crusade against the middle class saying, “We need to be fighting polluters, not bolstering them…freeing us once and for all from the grasp of petro-dictators” which is to say turning his back to cheap energy. This “is a major victory for the environment, our economy and the health of families across the country that comes at a pivotal moment underscoring the need for our reliance on fossil fuels.”

Newsom’s policies, although ending reliance on fossil fuels, is a purposeful move to bolster reliance on public transportation, which has made slow and stagnant progress in California. A string of poor management, corruption, and underestimation has left California transportation projects slow and arduous while pouring billions more into projects to fix bureaucratic bumblings. Ultimately, an unreliable and slow alternative meant to make Californians dependent on the State for their needs. Former Gov. Jerry Brown even went as far as to say that meeting “climate goals” is comparable to war. That people are going to die and suffer but left this timeline vague by adding “Not immediately, but over time.” A disconnected message from the individuals suffering now.

Photo Cred: BigStock