Rep. Darrell Issa Proposes Investigation of Media Companies over Censorship of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Written by Brock Johnson

In September of 2020, the New York Post published a story involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his laptop that contained potentially compromising material. The story was censored and suppressed by big tech and social media companies almost immediately as it was deemed “Russian disinformation” at the time. 

The laptop left by the president’s son at a Delaware computer repair shop contained information that could potentially link Hunter and Joe Biden to colluding with wealthy Ukrainian and Chinese corporations.  

As more information has surfaced, several congressional members have decided to pursue an investigation of the big tech and media companies that suppressed the original story. Republican California Representative Darrel Issa has proposed an investigation by the House of Representatives into these large tech companies as well as Democratic Party allies for their censorship of the Hunter Biden scandal. 

Issa slammed the current media saying that they removed the New York Post’s story because “they absolutely didn’t like the speech, they didn’t like the message, even though it turned out to be true, and that is going on every day”. He went on to explain how this is a violation of America’s core values of free speech and that Putin’s Russia is the result of limiting free speech. 

The congressman also noted that the New York Times has now changed its stance on the Hunter Biden laptop controversy although they did not release an apology saying that they got it wrong the first time around. 

Issa asks the question if the United States is involved in the corruption in Ukraine and his answer to that question is “I’m afraid so and we need to change that”.  

Photo Cred: Ting Shen – Pool via CNP / Avalo