San Diego County Board of Supervisors Vote Unanimously on Year-Long Gas Tax Suspension

Written by Sasha Reva

A unanimous vote was made by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to approve a proposal on suspension of the gas tax. The letter was introduced by two of the Supervisors, Jim Desmond from the fifth district and Joel Anderson from the second district. The letter was written to urge the Governor to suspend the State gas tax for one year to help people with the current inflation issue and rising gas prices.

The Board also decided to support the State-funded gas tax rebate which ensures that oil companies will lower gas prices by the same amount as the gas tax reduction.

Anderson spoke about the support he had received, “I am thankful to my Board colleagues for supporting our proposal to advocate for a gas tax suspension.” “These outrageous gas prices are not fair for the thousands of residents in my district who have no other options but to use their vehicles daily,” he commented.

Jim Desmond also shared his thoughts, “I’m thrilled that San Diego County has become the first County in the State of California to push for the suspension of the Gas Tax! Today’s unanimous vote sends a strong message to Governor Newsom and Sacramento politicians that San Diegans are tired of paying record gas prices.” “This money belongs to the taxpayers and we should be all we can to put it back in their pockets.”

The County is supporting the usage of part of the budget surplus to fund a one-year suspension of the gas tax. It will really help California’s residents if they will lower fuel costs. And California’s roads and infrastructure will be still maintained. Supervisors Anderson and Desmond say that it will make a big impact on people’s lives.

Photo Cred: CBS 8