Amy Reichert Promises More As She Campaigns For San Diego County Supervisor

Written by T. Logan Dayne

Life, Liberty, & Love for San Diego County are the words echoed by new and unexpected candidate, Amy Reichert, as she challenges Nathan Fletcher for County Supervisor. Amy is a grassroots activist who aims to restore a sense of accountability and transparency to San Diego. She is a state-licensed investigator along with being the co-founder of ReOpen San Diego and has championed for the safe reopening of schools and small business in San Diego.

In a recent interview Amy Reichert expressed a few key parts of her campaign and how she aims to bring accountability back to the San Diego board of supervisors. She claims that  Nathan Fletcher, current County Supervisor, has done a poor job at listening to his constituents and rather voting how he sees regardless of input. She aims at holding him accountable for the damage he has done to San Diego County. That includes tackling the massive spike in homelessness that has occurred under his watch. The county has claimed that its hands have been tied when it comes to the issue of homelessness. This is despite evidence that the county has received roughly 29 million over the past 4 years to combat the problem. Amy states that, “It is not compassionate for people to be sleeping and dying on our streets. We have to be better.”

 One of the first things Amy Reichert wants to do when elected is call for an audit, holding San Diego and the State responsible for the money that it has spent. “There is no way that money is being spent on the homelessness issue for it to be getting this bad,” Amy said while promising for an audit and an investigation to see where and how this money is being spent. Poor spending like this, she goes on, also hurts not just those who this money was meant to help but the county workers who have dedicated countless hours to trying to help.

There have been millions poured into the county by the state during the pandemic. Amy aims to find out how this money was spent. Why have many of these problems gotten worse despite the vast sums of money poured into the county? Where has that money gone? The answers to these only aim to bring a sense of transparency and accountability to the officials of San Diego and a sense of trust to their constituents. Among her other vows include protection for the most vulnerable especially victims of domestic abuse and children by targeting and ending criminal encampments which have been a catalyst to these issues, and a vow to clean up San Diego county through long term solutions and not just “band-aid approaches” as are currently being implemented. 

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