Bad Wet Season in California Prolongs Drought

Written by Alec Graham

California is squarely set in a water crisis, this fact has not receded in the last couple of years in fact it has only managed to become far worse. Absent rain clouds in March, no prospects for a heavy rainfall in April, and even worse predictions for May California’s wildfire season is on track to be the most devastating as of yet.

The latest water readings put California’s mountains snowpack at 38% of average. This measurement has only been exceeded three times before, and each of those times were followed by desolating wildfires.

At this point, most of the Western United States is in a severe drought as listed by the U.S. Drought Monitor. California only has two listed solutions the first of which is provided by Gov. Gavin Newsom who asked 58 counties to cut their water usage only 2 of which have complied. The other solution is to import water from other states which they can’t afford to lose. It is time to recognize the Democrat’s supermajority in the state of California has stalled ideas on water-saving practices. If California is going to survive as a state we must find alternative sources of water.

In California, one large problem we face is the city’s control of water. Time and time again farmers along with more rural counties are overruled and dismissed on their water usage as we feed the water-hungry monster that are cities. In order to compensate for this, we give farmers water from the Central Valley Project which is the only way many farmers can get enough water to maintain their crops. This year the farmers were told not to expect so much as a drop of water.

Even for farmers who still can get their water from any streams or rivers their water must be carefully accounted for under new legislation. Anyone who draws 10 acres of water from a river annually must install a water meter. These meters depend heavily on how much water one draws. But they must be installed. Paul Marchini a seventy-year-old farmer has been using older equipment to measure how much water he draws for his wine. With this new legislation, he would be required to buy $10,000 in equipment which he simply does not have.

Water regulation will not create more water to go around, especially with expanding cities and rising populations. We must look towards alternative sources of gathering water instead of impeding those who need water to grow our food.

Photo Cred: George Rose/Getty Images