New California Bill To Stop Freeway Expansion Due To “Racism”

Written by Brock Johnson

A new California bill, AB 1778, was recently passed by California’s Assembly Transportation Committee with the goal of denying the future construction of new freeway lanes in the majority of the state. The plan instead is to divert the billions of tax-payer dollars towards green climate projects to achieve “racial equity” and climate goals. 

The author of the legislation, Cristina Garcia, a Los Angeles Democrat, claims the creation of new freeway lanes is inherently racist because it displaces lower-income citizens from their homes. The bill states that it is “addressing inequities through environmental justice” because of freeways being mapped through minority communities after World War II. 

Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, appeared on Good Morning San Diego to explain the bill and give his thoughts on why he thinks it is a “crazy, lunatic, far-left bill.”

DeMaio said that the bill is adding “another layer of absurdity to the broken approach that California Democrats are taking to our transportation system. He argues that the bill proves that Democrats just want to take our money as they do with our car taxes and gas taxes which are the highest in the country. His belief is that the Democrats are now using the argument that their plan fights racism because they were not gaining much traction beforehand and needed the woke crowd to back them. 

DeMaio criticized the city of San Diego saying that the city increased the sales tax to provide funding for the transportation system but none of the money has gone to the roads. He said that this bill is something that would absolutely be supported by SANDAG as they have pledged to stop any freeway expansion in San Diego. That said, SANDAG has also failed to follow through with its promise in 2004 to finish projects on various freeways within the county. 

DeMaio closes by saying that San Diegans and the rest of Californians want to see their tax dollars go to the roads that they use daily instead of going to the con artist job that is creating bills like AB 1778.

Photo Cred: George Rose/Getty Images