San Diego Leaders Help Facilitate Medical Aid to Ukraine

Written by William Hale

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues on, San Diego leaders are helping to facilitate medical aid to struggling Ukrainians. In an interview with KUSI, Kristin Gaspar President and CEO of Palomar Health Foundation detailed her foundation’s role in helping remedy this humanitarian crisis.

“…we have hospitals that are not operational [in Ukraine]… we’re collecting supplies that ordinarily would be thrown out… and sending those over,” said Gaspar. 

Gaspar also noted the fundraising effort taking place simultaneously alongside the allocation of equipment and medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals. The former San Diego County Supervisor said that the Palomar Health Foundation directs 100% of the money raised to the cause of medical aid for Ukrainians, “…a lot of the time when you contribute to various fundraisers, very little goes back to the actual effort,” said Gaspar, “watch where your dollars are going these days, make sure you are checking out organizations.” 

The US Embassy has been identifying particular hospitals and areas in need within Ukraine, enabling the PHF to send their first wave of supplies to Ukraine this coming week. “It’s very important that we know the supplies will actually get there,” said Gaspar, “that’s a carefully coordinated effort.” 

Gaspar emphasized the leadership of Dr. Bulkin, a Ukrainian physician at the PHF who has helped bridge the gap between American organizations and those Ukrainians in need.

“This started as an internal effort between Palomar Health employees, and then it caught on beyond [the PHF]… businesses started contacting me saying ‘hey can we be a part of this effort?’ said Gaspar.

If you would like to give to the cause of medical aid for Ukrainians visit

Photo Cred: KQRE