Gas Prices Soar Around San Diego and California

Written by Sasha Reva

A new gas price record hit this Thursday with the average price of regular gasoline in San Diego County now at $6.023 per gallon. 

It is about 16.6 cents more than it was a week ago, and it keeps on rising every day. There are lots of concerned people who have questions about the government’s response. Why do we have huge gas prices and why don’t we start our production? 

The skyrocketing cost of oil is the reason for the rise in prices at the pump. The price of a barrel of July Brent crude fell $2.82 and will stay at $109.11. About 80% of the world’s crude oil comes from Brent crude. 

Crude oil costs about more than half of the pump price, and the rest is other components for gasoline, production, transportation, taxes, carbon offset fees, etc. 

There was a bill introduced by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley to suspend the statewide gas tax but Democrats in the State Assembly keep on declining to pass the bill every time. 

Kiley tweeted about the rise in prices saying, “$6 per gallon is now the statewide average. It’s time for another vote on suspending the gas tax. Democrat legislators are tweeting “Suspend the #GasTax NOW.” They’ve gone from repeatedly voting against my bill to all caps and hashtags. We’re at $6.05 a gallon while the national average is “only” $4.56. In so many ways, California is a preview of what’s in store for America if we don’t change course.”

The average price in California is currently $6.061 per gallon, the highest in the country. The highest county average price belongs to rural Mono County which averages $7.058 per gallon.

Photo Cred: Karl Mondon/ Bay Area News Group