New CA Bill Would No Longer Require Schools to Report Bad Student Behavior to Police

Written by Diego Hays

In the recent light of the tragic Texas Robb elementary school shooting; California State Senator Steven Bradford put out bill SB1273. This bill would take the mandatory requirement for schools to report any violent threat to the law enforcement away from schools; meaning schools don’t have to report these violent threats to law authorities.

With this removal of mandatory reports to the law, the schools leave themselves open to more school shootings or threats against the school itself. The removal makes schools way more unsafe to students and teachers and staff.  Senator Melissa Melendez  had some thoughts on the passing bill that eliminates the mandatory school reports to law enforcement,  “I can’t believe that just two days after the heartbreaking events in Texas, the State Senate would pass a measure making our children less safe at school,” said Melendez. “Requiring teachers to report threats of violence in the classroom may be the only warning law enforcement has to prevent a future violent attack.”

Despite Melendez’s forceful opposition, the bill passed through the Senate. The California State Sheriffs association strongly opposed the bill saying, “School officials and law enforcement should work collaboratively, especially when it comes to students whose behavior violates the law and jeopardizes school safety,” and  “Removing requirements that information about these incidents be shared with law enforcement runs counter to that notion and impedes law enforcement from being able to best protect our schools.”

This bill’s author, Senator Steven Bradford, clearly stated he wanted to make school comfortable for the students and not be fearful of threats, however, this bill invalidates what he said by not including law enforcement in school threats to students and faculty. Actively invalidating students’ safety in school, from what the CASSA says about this bill, “ School officials and law enforcement should work together to make sure students are safe in schools and don’t feel in danger if a threat presents itself.”

This bill directly affects students’ safety and trust in the school. If a student is threatening the school, their behavior should be reported to the authorities. If not,  it could hinder or damage the safety of our kids in schools.

Photo Cred: Portland Press Hearld