Gas Tax Set To Increase This Summer

Written by Lev Finzi

California is set to experience a major change in its economy on July 1st, 2022. Since gas prices were not high enough already, California residents are going to be expected to keep up with the raising gas tax.

A scheduled gas tax increase is going to be enforced around the state to keep up with the manufacturing of the gas. An estimated 3 cents are going to be added to each gallon around the state, so the total average will go up from its current spot of $6.44. The national average at the moment $5.04.

As well as July 1 being the start of a new era for gas tax, California is getting ready for the beginning of a new fiscal year. This is happening even though the state’s final spending reports have not been completed yet. California lawmakers have sent the current Governor, Gavin Newsom, a spending bill that he had felt had not reached all the desired issues. According to Newsom the bill did not have “more immediate, direct relief to help millions more families with rising gas, groceries and rent prices.” This bill that the lawmakers sent was 300 billion dollars.

Republicans in California had attempted to send out a message to residents with traffic cones. The bright orange cones had spelled out the number 100 to signify the amount of days since Governor Newsom had teased the idea of a gas tax relief for residents of the state.

“We are still waiting with no relief in sight, fighting over $400 or $200 that they’ll send to you. And that’s not enough. We need action now. We’ve been calling since January to suspend the gas tax, the quickest, easiest way to provide relief to every California consumer on gas prices right now. If we had done it … everyone would have saved over $2,400 right now.” says Assembly Republican leader of Yuba City, James Gallagher.

Photo Cred: Kevin Sanders/ California Globe