Georgette Gomez Does Not Support Gas Tax Repeal Despite Supporting Rebate One Month Ago

Written by Lev Finzi

Georgette Gomez has made the decision to not support the gas tax holiday for California if she is elected into the 80th Assembly District.

Georgette Gomez was elected in 2016 to the San Diego City Council, and was a member up until 2020. She is now running for the 80th District Assembly for the 2022 Primaries. Gomez has stated that she prioritizes “helping the little guy” by putting lots of emphasis on affordable housing, making the economy greater, and getting people’s attention on the climate crisis facing the state.

When asked about whether or not she supported the bill on a statewide gas tax that will definitely help lots of low-income families and households across California, Gomez said that she was not in favor of the bill. However, back in April she was supportive of rebates back in April. She was asked why she did not support the bill, and she replied,“I support the rebate and holiday tax but more importantly I support holding the oil industry accountable to pricing. And building alternative ways in which we move around,”

Gomez is talking about the Democrat’s plan to introduce a rebate for every vehicle owner in California. The supposed plan was meant to be in July, although the rebate cards are not expected to be given to residents of the state until late October of this year.

Oil companies have not raised the prices like Gomez says they would, so why choose not to support the bill? If this bill is passed, then many low-income households would be supported. Gomez’s whole campaign has been about her love and support for those less fortunate, so it does not make any sense why one would deny this opportunity to help the community.

What makes even less sense is that Gomez originally did support changes back in April of this year. So the question now is why the change?

Photo Cred: CBS 8