Rendon Keeps Speaker Role After Long Meeting

Written by Diego Hays

Yesterday, the Democrats held a closed-door caucus meeting about who should be the next Assembly speaker. Anthony Rendon, who is the incumbent Speaker, retained his role after a 6-hour long vote. This is his last year in the house as he could only serve 12 years. He was elected into the house in 2012 and in 2024 his final year in the house as per the state legislature’s 12-year term statute.

The caucus meeting ended with Anthony Rendon getting support from Democrat assembly member Robert Rivas of Salinas who is Rendon’s possible successor. Rivas said,I agree with the majority of our current caucus that Speaker Rendon should remain as Speaker for at least the rest of this legislative session.” Basically saying that there’s the rest of 2023 to have Anthony Rendon assembly speaker and he’s going to be serving the final months of his session as the speaker for the California Assembly.

Rendon also issued a statement,  “I applaud Robert Rivas for securing the support of a majority of the current Democratic Caucus to succeed me as Speaker of the Assembly.” which was a nicer way to say the good job you tried. Maybe next time Rivas. Prior to the meeting, Rivas said that 34 of the 58 assembly Democrats supported him for Speaker. Rendon had brushed it aside. 

Rendon still plans to run for Speaker in 2023, but time will tell if he will retain his position. 13 Democrats are on their way out of the Assembly which could drastically shape the internal caucus politics.

Photo Cred: Rich Pedroncelli/ Associated Press