San Diego County Votes to Allow Gun Manufacturers To Be Sued For Firearm Deaths

Written by Lev Finzi

In response to the increase of mass shootings in the United States of America, cities have taken action to help stop these terrible tragedies. In San Diego, the Board of Supervisors have voted on a new law that will allow victims of gun violence to sue the gun manufacturing company.

This law was formed after public outcry for justice following mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, Buffalo, and many other places. Voting for different recommendations on this issue had happened on Tuesday, with a final vote of yes 3-2. All of the three yeses were from the Democratic members, while the other two Republicans had voted no.

The members who made the proposal, Nathan Fletcher and Terra Lawson-Remer, took to Twitter to celebrate the victory. “Big day in San Diego! So excited to have won approval on three major policies I co-authored with @nathanfletcher on neurodiversity, gun safety, and affordable housing! #Onward,”

The team says that they are working with local police departments to ensure the safety of citizens. They will file weapon seizure reports in an effort to maximize public safety. The Chief Administrative Officer, Helen Robbins-Meyer, is working to get the reports up and running. Later in the week she will give recommendations towards legal action against gun manufacturers. 

One of the Republican members, Jim Desmond, that voted no on the bill had said that “while he’s in favor of stemming the tide of gun violence, it’s better to focus on mental health issues, which he called the root cause of mass gun killings,” Desmond has said publicly that he was on board with a stricter notion on existing laws, and that he does not believe that guns are the problem in this situation.

A forty minute long public comment was held after this, and the results were an even amount of individuals thinking that guns were the problem and they should in fact be taken away, and disagreeing with that statement and saying that the root cause is not the guns, but a problem within the youth relating to mental health.

Photo Cred: Haven Daley/ Associated Press