White House Pushes Relief For Former Corinthian College Students Could be First Sign of Loan Forgiveness

Written by Lev Finzi

Students that previously attend Corinthian Colleges have the opportunity to be eligible for student debt relief. The White House has announced that on Thursday it should be in effect. Progressive Democrats have seen this act as a way to get to the goal of making student debt as minimal as possible.

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, has scheduled an event where she will officially announce the proposition. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people will be affected by this relief, with a total debt of 10 to 20 billion dollars. This was decided after Corinthian College was shut down in 2015, after being included in multiple investigations and lawsuits for defrauding students.

Corinthian Colleges had managed to steal millions of dollars from its students. Multiple Democrats have been calling for the Board of Education to take action against them, as well as getting the money back to former students.

Ever since Harris was the Attorney General in California, she had been deliberately involved in the lawsuits against Corinthian College. In 2016, the office of VP Harris accumulated approximately 1.1 billion dollars for “Their predatory and unlawful practices.”

Harris had previously pursued Corinthian Colleges in 2013 on the same charges. The upcoming event is said to be a way to “get more momentum”. The overall goal for this is to get many people relieved from college and student debt. The proposed amount each former student gets is around $10,000.

Many people have already taken to social media to provide “helpful criticism”. Progressives have said that it was a “Good move by the White House but needs to go broader,”. People have also said that the $10,000 per student was way too low, and the final amount should’ve been more around the $50,000 range per student.

Photo Cred: AP/Christine Armario