But Mike Levin…

Written and submitted by Mary Anne

 Most Southern Californians care a lot about the environment, and we, here, in San Diego County are strong supporters of the military.  Democrat Congressman Mike Levin in the newly redrawn 49th District has shown his support of both through a strong congressional presence on these issues since his election in 2018.  Most of the bills he has introduced address specific and relatively narrow issues and has broad bipartisan support.  He has successfully convinced his constituents that he is something of a moderate, especially in a Congressional Democratic Caucus that appears to have swung far left, but…

…Mike Levin’s actual voting record tells a very different story.

This is a man who has voted 100% of the time with President Biden’s stated positions.  In a Democratic-Party-controlled Congress, he is a reliable vote for the Party line.  In fact, since June he has only twice voted against the general will of Congress, once in favor of an amendment that would have favored Communist Cuba and another against the fast-tracking of environmental approvals for certain computer projects.

Mike Levin is no moderate.  He is in fact a party-line voter favoring the causes of the extreme left.  Some examples, from his own website:

  • Climate Change.  On his website, he speaks of “the climate crisis, including more extreme heat waves and longer droughts fueling year-round wildfires, and rising sea levels and storm surges driving unprecedented coastal erosion.”  He goes on to tout his success in banning offshore drilling and drilling in the ANWAR reserve.  Mike Levin sees California’s position on forcing the purchase of electrical vehicles as a model for the nation and describes his support for “investments” in electric vehicle infrastructure and hydrogen manufacturing.
  • Immigration.  “Ultimately, Mike believes that members of both parties need to come together on comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship.”  On his website, he acknowledges no difference between legal and illegal immigration.
  • Abortion.  “He believes that only a woman, her family, and her doctor should be able to decide what is best for her health.”  He advanced this belief by voting for the recent house abortion bill (HR8296) which permitted abortion for any reason up to the moment of birth.
  • Filibuster.  “He supports targeted exceptions to Senate rules in order to overcome Republicans’ filibuster of voting rights and civil rights legislation.”  Although he doesn’t expressly state this, he’s referring to proposed legislation that would remove state voter id and proven citizenship requirements.
  • Transgender Politics.  “Mike co-sponsored and voted for the Equality Act, which provides anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people throughout society, including in employment, housing, credit, education, public services, and more.”  Again, he fails to mention some of the ramifications of his legislation – e.g., how this is being used to undermine Title IX protections for women’s sports and sexual privacy issues where men and boys “identifying” as female gain access to women’s locker rooms.
  • Education.  He speaks of teachers as “heroes” during the recent Covid Pandemic and supports student loan forgiveness for certain categories of students.
  • Guns.  “Mike is a strong proponent of legislation to address the epidemic of gun violence in our country. He is proud to be endorsed by Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and other advocates for gun safety.”  He has cosponsored gun bans and praises the CDC for examining gun violence as an epidemic.

None of these are moderate positions and, by specifically mentioning them on his website, he cannot claim he embraces any of these positions reluctantly.  He takes pride in endorsements from big labor, NARAL and Planned Parenthood and many Progressive, issue-oriented groups.

One has to ask how a once extremely Conservative Congressional District has been convinced to elect a man who embraces the far left, President Biden, and Nancy Pelosi in so many of his positions?   How many of his constituents actually know he holds these positions…and continues to vote them?

It’s definitely time for us to remind everyone that the local issues he does embrace publicly represent only a very small part of his congressional record.  

Mike Levin is not just liberal; he’s Progressive.

Vote Brian Maryott, a solid conservative.


Photo Cred: Tom Williams CQ Roll Call