Vote Brian Dahle for Governor – and Get Gavin Newsom Out

Written and submitted by Mary Anne

Not too long ago California was truly the golden state: in economic terms the 6th largest economy in the world; in environmental terms, proud of its clean cities and back county; in agronomic terms, the nation’s breadbasket producing oranges, almonds, and virtually every other agricultural product, enough to feed the nation; and California’s school system was ranked first in the nation. California produced feel-good movies and people from all over the world flocked here to participate in this almost mythical society of wealth and well-being.

Today California’s cities are cesspools of homeless camps and drug paraphernalia; its great forests are jungles of deadwood and litter waiting for the first spark to erupt into infernos; its farmland and orchards are now deserts and dead trees; its schools are now considered some of the worst in the nation.  Its motion picture companies now bow to foreign entities and celebrate wokeness and anti-Americanism.  Its tax-paying population is leaving in droves; indeed, the only folks coming to California today are druggies and undocumented aliens, all promised a sanctuary here.

Governor Newsom is directly responsible for much of this.  Since serving as mayor of San Francisco – once a great city, now in shambles – he has initiated or endorsed every crazy notion of the far left, from banning the sale of pet goldfish to obstructing any efforts to manage our forests or reduce crime, to embracing an environmental policy that is not only radical but unachievable considering our current science.  While he’s warning folks to expect black-outs and brown-outs because of the Democrat’s war against energy, he is telling folks to purchase electric cars that would add an even greater draw on our grid.  His partisans are now pushing to ban natural gas (one of the cleanest of energies) from our homes and replace all of our cooking and heating needs with electricity – that same electricity we don’t have.  This said, Newsom’s Democrats are now proposing taxing home solar systems up to several hundred dollars per year while reducing compensation for the electricity thus produced and returned to the grid.

This, of course, is in line with Newsom’s personal behavior during the COVID emergency.  Shutdowns and mask mandates applied only to his subjects while he dined in fancy establishments, sent his kids to in-person private schools, and paraded his naked face for pictures with other unmasked celebrities.  His on-again, off-again shutdowns and mandates destroyed the businesses and dreams of thousands of our citizens.  He’s now threatening these mandates again, just in time to no doubt install new election rules for the upcoming Gubernatorial Election.  

Newsom has overseen the explosion of crime throughout California.  During COVID he released thousands of hardened criminals from our prisons and has done nothing to rein in the Soros-funded prosecutors who seem more intent on coddling criminals than on protecting our citizens.  Murder and other violent crimes are up.  In response, Newsom did visit a railyard full of looted mail and spent an hour helping with the clean-up.  He seems to think that hour made up for years of neglect of his duties in this area.

He is, of course, compromised by the public service unions who supported his election and that of others who turn a blind eye to the teaching of racism in our public schools, support priority by race in medical treatments and our judiciary, and would blame the United States for every ill in the history of the world while ignoring what our country has achieved and what its founders, men of their time, set in motion.  He decries the banning of pornographic books from school library bookshelves, while, at the same time, ignoring the banning of classics such as Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird – the first written to protest slavery; the second to protest judicial racism.  No, teachers he supports promote the fictional 1619 Project as fact while demeaning many of great American heroes as irredeemable racists.  In short, the schools under his watch are teaching hate, and he says nothing except to praise the teachers who are teaching it.  

Newsom now has Presidential ambitions.  To that end he’s attacked the Governor of Florida and invited those folks who escaped California to come back again although he’s done nothing to correct the problems that sent them to Florida in the first place.  He traveled to Montana, again in violation of his own rules which bans any official travel to MT.  He calls it a vacation.  It was, of course, a campaign stop: at least he allowed his publicists to treat it as such.  Newsom visited the White House when the President was not in residence and paraded the grounds as if he had already been elected to that office.  This would be rude under any circumstances, but to do so when the current President is the head of his party indicates a degree of self-absorbed narcissism seldom seen in even the most ambitious of Presidential candidates, but common to the world of would-be dictators.

Newsom is a disgrace to this state and this country.  

And now he looks to give CA voters another payout as a bribe towards his reelection.  We’d say shame on him, but he’s already proven he’s shameless.

Do we really want to give this self-serving autocrat another step-stone towards the U.S. Presidency?

California voters wake up and vote Brian Dahle for Governor in November.