Assessor Candidate Barbara Bry Would Allow Prop 13 To Be Eliminated and Says You Don’t Pay Your Fair Share of Taxes

Written by Natalia Perez

Prop.13 is the law that limits taxes on homes and renters

A defining issue in the upcoming Assessor/Recorder/Clerk race it tax increases and Prop 13. 

Assessor candidate Barbara Bry is running on a platform of making taxpayers pay their fair share. According to Bry, she believes property owners are underpaying and will make sure to audit all property owners to find more revenue. 

Bry has said she cannot defend Prop. 13, the law that limits taxes on property owners and renters. Bry’s biggest backers are the proponents of prior attempts to eliminate Prop. 13 protections for certain property owners.

Bry’s opponent Jordan Marks is the current Chief Deputy Assessor and has stated he will defend Prop. 13 and continue to advocate for the law limiting taxes on homeowners and renters. Marks is supported by Prop 13 Advocates, Renters’ Alliance, Firefighters, and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Marks has said everyone pays their fair share according to a 2021 State of California audit that found his office has a 99.77% accuracy in their property tax appraisals. 

Eliminating Prop 13. would mean homeowners would be assessed at market value versus the price they paid for the property. For example, a homeowner with an average market value of $1,000,000 would see an annual tax bill of $12,300. For many homeowners that would be double or triple their current property tax bill.

Many seniors and homeowners that have reverse mortgages and don’t have enough equity in their home could face being put out on the streets due to the lack of affordable rentals and senior housing options that currently have waitlist times exceeding one year. 


Photo by Adriana Heldiz