Newsom Lags On Promise After Election

Written by T. Logan Dayne

Californians could only look on with helplessness as a rampant inflation rate reached a record high of 8.2%. They were powerless to stop a skyrocketing energy cost increase on top of already paying 83% more than the national average. They could only look on speechless as a mandatory gas tax took effect in their state in July. With the increase in the price of food, gas, electricity, housing, and being the highest taxed state in the nation, Governor Newsom has a plan to help: a one-time payment of $200 to $1,050.

In the run up to his re-election, Newsom proposed to offset the effects of inflation with what was called California’s Middle Class Tax refund. Coincidentally during the time of the November election, the payouts were to begin in October and continue until January. However, there have been some hold ups along this perfect plan. All direct deposits were to be sent out by November 14th, something that hasn’t been done yet. There are also millions of debit cards that haven’t been sent out. Those who have received the California Golden State Stimulus with last names N through Z, Non- Golden State Stimulus recipients, and people who have changed banks since their 2020 taxes are all people who have not received their stimulus. There is, of course, still time for the state to follow through with the promise, but there are those who don’t fall under any of those categories and still have not received their stimulus for reasons unknown. This leaves half the state without stimulus and others with a bit too little, a bit too late in what is either a cheap political stunt by Newsom or a failure of bureaucratic management.