After millions of Californians have fled the state in the past decade due to high cost-of-living, rising crime, skyrocketing homelessness, and far-Left policies, can reformers finally turn-the-tide in the deep-blue state? Here are the top political stories you should watch for in 2023.

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By Dylan Martin

After 13 years of the Democrats controlling all branches of government in California, the problems are mounting and Californians are now fleeing the state in record numbers.

“For the past decade, California Democrats have abused their Super-Majority status to cram through a number of extreme policies in our state – and only now are all the ill-effects being seen,” says Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

However DeMaio says there are five stories he’s watching closely in 2023 that may “erupt” politically and give reformers a chance to turn the tide in California.

5. Will California Enact New Tax Hikes to Cover Massive Budget Deficits?

After claiming to have record surpluses in state and local governments, California Democrats now are facing the reality of massive budget deficits. Will Democrats actually have the wisdom to cut wasteful spending? Not a chance. Look for stories in the liberal media about “shortfalls” in state and local government budgets – when in fact the deficits aren’t the result of less revenue, but rather unsustainable and irresponsible spending.

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4. Will California Be the First to Impose a Costly “Mileage Tax?”

California politicians have already imposed the highest gas tax and car tax in the nation on drivers, and now they want to impose a new MILEAGE TAX to charge us PER MILE we drive to get more of our money! The California Mileage Tax proposal would require tracking every driver’s mileage and charging them four cents per mile they drive. That is the equivalent of an 80-cent-per-gallon hike in the gas tax!

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3. Will California Residents Finally Demand Action on Homelessness?

Everywhere you look homelessness is getting worse in California – increasing by double-digits in the last ten years in California despite homelessness decreasing nationally. The reason? A failed policy in California called “Housing First.”

Under the controversial “Housing First” policy, politicians have committed billions of OUR tax dollars to their campaign-contributing developers for “government-subsidized” housing programs that cost taxpayers up to $900,000 per unit! What’s worse, as these expensive taxpayer-funded housing units are doled out to homeless people, we are not allowed to insist that the homeless actually get help and undergo treatment to fix the root cases of their dependency. In fact, any homeless provider that insists on drug-free, clean and sober, and sane program rules is prohibited from getting ANY taxpayer funds for their programs under “Housing First.”

Will 2023 finally be the year that Californians wake up and reject the failed “Housing First” programs?

Join the Campaign to Reverse “Housing First” and Enact Better Approaches to End Homelessness 

2. Will California Enact a Voter ID Law to Restore Election Integrity?

California’s approach to elections is by far the worst in the nation. California Democrats have passed laws that prevent the verification of citizenship status of voters, prohibit the proper maintenance of voter rolls, allow for ballot harvesting, and require all-mail-in ballots be used.

After it took four full weeks to count the votes, however, many Californians are clamoring for change. Reform California is building a coalition to impose new Election Integrity reforms in the state – including a ballot measure to require Voter ID for all future elections.

Help Qualify the California Voter ID Ballot Measure 

1. Will Gavin Newsom Finally Announce He’s Running for President?

Was there really ever any doubt that Gavin Newsom would run for President in 2024? Newsom has been running ads across the country and building a national network to be the heir-apparent when Biden is forced out of the ticket.

When Newsom becomes a candidate, however, national media attention will finally be focused on the epic failures he has racked up in California. We know California’s liberal media has refused to hold Newsom and state Democrats accountable for their numerous failures. But the national scrutiny that comes with a Presidential run will help expose the problems California faces – and why Newsom and Co. are to blame.

“Buckle up California – 2023 will be a wild ride and we invite you to join the fight to take back our state from the far-Left,” DeMaio concludes.

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