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California Democrats Want to Impose a New Mileage Tax on All Drivers

On top of the highest gas tax and car tax in the nation, CA politicians now want to impose a new “Mileage Tax” to charge drivers 6-cents per mile – or an additional $900/year!

“State’s Top Transportation Official Says Mileage Fee is “Inevitable”

“The Road Usage Charge (RUC) is an important strategy in the plan to both reduce greenhouse gases and fund other greenhouse gas reduction strategies.” — CA Air Resources Board

“This road charge is an innovative funding mechanism that allows drivers to support road and highway maintenance based on how many miles they drive…ensures that drivers all pay their fair share for highway and road maintenance.” — Caltrans

Here’s what’s being proposed:

    • California politicians are moving forward with a costly and unfair new “Mileage Tax” that will charge every driver at least 6-cents per mile – or $900/year for the average driver.
    • This new Mileage Tax would be an additional cost on top of the highest gas and car taxes in the nation.
  • The Biden Administration is backing California’s Mileage Tax proposal by including a “Mileage Tax Pilot Program” in the FY23 budget to study California’s tax once it is implemented to make a case for a national Mileage Tax.

Here’s how much it will cost you:

  • The initial proposed Mileage Tax is at least 6-cents per mile – or $900/year for the average driver who puts just 15,000 miles on their car in a year. We expect once this initial tax is imposed the rate will skyrocket higher.
How we can fight back:

Reform California is leading the statewide opposition campaign to BLOCK this costly and crazy proposal. The campaign to block these mandates features a two-pronged attack: 1) blocking the first county pilot of the Mileage Tax slated for 2023 to show California Democrats voters will rebel against this proposal and 2) passing the California Taxpayer Protection ballot measure in 2024 to force a public vote on any statewide Mileage Tax.

We MUST generate public opposition to the Mileage Tax ASAP – so please chip in a contribution to our campaign TODAY so we wage this campaign and block the proposal!

Photo by Ed Uthman via Flickr