California’s Green Façade: Report Reveals State’s Complicity in Amazon Rainforest Destruction

It is a disappointing reality that despite California’s reputation as a leader in green practices, a recent report by two conservation nonprofits has revealed that a significant portion of the gas in California tanks comes from the Amazon rainforest, , one of the most biodiverse and ecologically sensitive places on earth. According to the report, one in every nine tanks of gas, diesel or jet fuel pumped in California comes from the Amazon, with 50% of Amazonian crude (most of it Ecuadorian) being shipped to California, and half of that going to three L.A.-area refineries.

This revelation raises serious questions about the actions of California’s Democratic leaders, who have dropped the ball on their commitment to protecting the environment. Instead of leading the way in transitioning away from fossil fuels, they are complicit in the destruction of one of the most ecologically important regions in the world.

It is a shame that instead of taking meaningful action to protect the environment, Democrats such as Governor Gavin Newsom are more focused on pushing back against an industry effort to overturn a law that restricts where new oil and gas wells can be drilled. This move, which is expected to qualify for the 2024 ballot, would make it easier to drill more in California, potentially saving the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.

It is time for California’s leaders to step up and take real action to protect the environment, instead of paying lip service to green practices while simultaneously contributing to the destruction of one of the most important ecological regions in the world.


Photo via Electrical Alliance