DeMaio Criticizes San Diego City Council for the City’s $350 Million Budget Deficit

By Tristan Teng

San Diego has a looming $350 million budget deficit over the next five years. As a result, city officials are exploring options to decrease the deficit and bring in more revenue, including increasing the cost of parking meters and charging non-residents for parking at beaches and other popular tourist attractions like Balboa Park.

However, none of the proposed ideas include one crucial solution to addressing the deficit: spending cuts.

According to Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, the reason for this $350 million budget deficit is because of Mayor Todd Gloria and San Diego City Council’s reckless spending. He told KUSI on December 20, 2022, “They are spending money like drunken sailors.” 

DeMaio also explained that the reversal of the 2012 election results is fueling the budget deficit. That year, Proposition B, the Pension Reform Initiative, was passed by voters before elected officials convinced a judge to reverse the decision of the people. 

DeMaio described Gloria and the Democrats on the City Council as “untethered from reality,” not having to experience the consequences of their policies like numerous San Diegans do. Additionally, he called the Mayor a “coward,” believing Gloria’s refusal to say no to special interests has increased the city’s cost of living. DeMaio urged viewers to continue fighting to prevent Gloria from shifting the burden of the deficit to the taxpayers.