Downtown San Diego’s homeless population hits record high of 1,839

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SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Just over three months ago, icon Bill Walton made national headlines when he called on San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria to resign for his failure to address the city’s out-of-control homeless crisis.

Walton gave a passionate speech outlining the problems the San Diego community and himself have faced as a result of Gloria’s policies, including a personal story of him being attacked in Balboa Park while riding his bike.

In response, Mayor Todd Gloria released a statement, avoiding any responsibility for the crisis, as he attempted to label Walton and The Lucky Duck Foundation leaders as liars. But if you go walk through downtown San Diego, you will quickly realized Mayor Todd Gloria is the liar.

Three months later, and the homeless population in Downtown San Diego has grown to 1,839.

Mayor Todd Gloria refuses to speak with KUSI News about any issues, out of fear of being held accountable for his clear policy failures, but we will continue reaching out to his office in hopes he changes his mind.

The official numbers are outlined in the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s official December 2022 count below:

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