Reform California Releases “24 for 2024” List of Target Seats

By Dylan Martin

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Reform California Launches Ambitious Campaign to Recruit Candidates and Win 24 Toss-Up Seats in Effort to Rebalance the State’s Politics in the 2024 Election

After two decades of losing seats every single election cycle, California Republicans may be turning the corner – thanks in large part to the formation of grassroots campaigns in target areas. There’s no doubt that California is still a deep-blue state politically, but in 2020 and 2022 California Republicans won enough Congressional seats to take ultimate credit for flipping the House Majority!

This progress is being made in spite of the fact that Republican candidates fell short in every statewide race in 2022 and the state Republican Party continues to struggle to plan and execute any meaningful programs on a large scale.

Where wins did happen is where grassroots groups organized and took matters into their own hands to support viable candidates with bold and clear messaging to voters.

A lot of that grassroots organizing is the result of efforts by Reform California.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, recently announced his organization will wage a statewide campaign to recruit and support quality candidates to run in what he says are the top target seats in California.

Their target list includes 9 congressional seats and 16 state legislative seats statewide. On top of those 24 seats, DeMaio and Reform California are compiling a list of local target seats (county boards, city councils, school boards, etc.) that could be flipped in each county.

“There’s no doubt that California has been a tough state for center-right candidates to compete in, but as we showed with our wins in 2020 and 2022, we have opportunities to turn the tide and make gains to end the Democrats’ extremist policies and one-party stranglehold on California,” said DeMaio.

“We absolutely must compete aggressively for these 24 seats — and try to pick up as many local seats as possible in 2024,” DeMaio said.

Reform California’s 3-Point Campaign Strategy to Win Target Seats

DeMaio and his Reform California organization are building on their successful programs in 2020 and 2022 in pursuing a 3-pronged effort to win the 2024 elections:

  1. defining the narrative with a bold “Reform Agenda” for candidates to run on that unites the conservative base and wins over independent and some Democrats,
  2. recruiting, training and supporting reform-minded candidates – while distributing voter guides to target voters
  3. demanding election integrity through monitoring and litigation efforts to ensure fair and fraud-free elections

DeMaio said winning most or all of these 24 target seats would represent a “milestone” in shifting political dynamics in California.

“Winning the congressional seats would help ensure that Democrats continue in the House Minority,” said DeMaio. “For the State Senate and State Assembly, winning our target seats will allow us to be relevant again in Sacramento and stop extreme Democrat policies,” explained DeMaio.

“The only thing limiting us right now is lack of resources — so we’re urging all concerned Californians to join us in fighting for these 24 target seats by contributing whatever they can today to the campaign,” DeMaio concluded.

The List of 24 Seats – Do You Live in One? Want to Run in One?

US CONGRESS – 9 Targets Will Be Selected

  1. CA3 (Placer, El Dorado, Sierras) — Kevin Kiley (Defend)
  2. CA9 (Modesto) – John Duarte (Defend)
  3. CA22 (Bakersfield, Delano, Corcoran) — David Valadao (Defend)
  4. CA27 (Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley) — Mike Garcia (Defend)
  5. CA41 (Corona, Yucaipa, Coachella Valley) — Ken Calvert (Defend)
  6. CA45 (Cerritos, Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove) — Michele Steel (Defend)
  7. CA47 (Newport Beach, Irvine, Laguna Beach) — TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  8. TBD
  9. TBD

On the Watch List:

  • CD-9 (Central Valley) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • CD-21 (Central Valley) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • CD-26 (Ventura) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • CD-40 (Orange County) – Young Kim (Defend)
  • CD-49 (San Diego) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)

STATE SENATE – 3 Targets Will Be Selected

  1. SD-19 (Inland Empire) – Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (Defend)
  2. SD-23 (Los Angeles) – TBD Candidate Needed (Defend)
  3. SD-37 (Orange County) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)

On the Watch List:

  • SD-5 TBD (Alameda/Central Valley) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • SD-31 TBD (Riverside) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)

STATE ASSEMBLY – 12 Targets Will Be Selected

  1. AD7 (Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova) — Josh Hoover (Defend)
  2. AD22 (Central Valley) — Juan Alanis (Defend)
  3. AD27 (Central Valley) — TBD Candidate (Pick Up)
  4. AD36 (Riverside) — TBD Candidate (Pick Up)
  5. AD40 (Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley) — TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  6. AD47 (Coachella Valley) — Greg Wallis (Defend)
  7. AD58 (Riverside) — TBD Candidate (Pick Up)
  8. AD67 (Orange County) — TBD Candidate (Pick Up)
  9. AD70 (Garden Grove, Fountain Valley) — Tri Ta (Defend)
  10. AD73 (Orange County) — TBD Candidate (Pick Up)
  11. AD74 (South OC/Oceanside) — Laurie Davies (Defend)
  12. AD76 (San Marcos, Escondido, Rancho Bernardo) — Kristie Bruce-Lane (Pick Up)

On the Watch List:

  • AD-35 TBD (Antelope Valley) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • AD-39 TBD (Los Angeles) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • AD-40 TBD (Los Angeles) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • AD-42 TBD (LA/Ventura) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • AD-56 TBD (Los Angeles) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • AD-60 TBD (Riverside) – TBD Candidate Needed (Pick Up)
  • AD-72 Dixon (Orange County)