Robins Return To San Diego For The First Time In Decades

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By Marty Golingan

After nearly 30 years, Robins are migrating back to San Diego.

Officials with the Department of Birds and Mammals at the San Diego History Museum told FOX5, “The birds first started flocking to the region back in December and the number has only grown from there.”

Museum officials added that Robins are “complex species” that flock to trees to strip them of their fruit and then move on when nothing is left.

The birds are from the San Bernardino mountains with varied sizes of migration over the years.

By the 1940’s, the species came south for breeding purposes as suburbs began popping up, creating more environmentally friendly habitats like lawns and backyards.

Until recently, however, the Robin populations in San Diego have gone down to almost none, with fewer migration trips through the region over the years.

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Image Credit: Canva