San Diego’s Homelessness Crisis: Democrats Failure of Governance and a Public Health Emergency

The recent outbreak of Hepatitis A within the homeless community of San Diego has once again brought to light the failings of the city’s government, specifically under the leadership of Mayor Gloria. County health officers have reported five cases and one death so far this year, with three cases and the casualty involving unhoused individuals. The rising number of cases has been linked to contact with human feces, which has been a long-standing issue due to the city’s lack of public restrooms.

Despite the Gloria administration’s goal to have access to public restrooms within a five-minute walk for all residents of Downtown San Diego by 2021, the city’s homeless population still struggles to find suitable facilities. With an estimated 1,939 homeless residents in the area as of January 31st, there is currently only one bathroom for every 215 homeless individuals, and only two of these facilities are available on a 24/7 basis. The city’s recent plan to spend a record $173 million on treating the homeless has been met with skepticism, as many point out that a higher budget alone will not solve the problem.

Efforts to relocate unhoused individuals have also been met with difficulties, as emerging shelters are failing to accommodate the steady rise in homelessness. The failure to adequately address the issue of public restrooms and suitable housing for the homeless has resulted in unsanitary conditions that have led to the recent Hepatitis A outbreak.

It is imperative the voters hold the Gloria administration accountable for its failures in governing and meeting the basic needs of its residents. It is unacceptable that in a city as prosperous as San Diego, there are still individuals living without access to basic facilities such as public restrooms. The recent outbreak of Hepatitis A is a clear indication that urgent action must be taken to address the issue of homelessness and ensure that all residents have access to the necessary resources for a healthy and safe living environment.

Image Credit: Canva