SDG&E’s Rate Increase Request: A Burden on Taxpayers and Consumers

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) has filed an application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to increase gas and electric rates. As a result, the CPUC is holding public forums to hear from customers and community members who will be impacted by this request. SDG&E is requesting to increase revenues by $449 million in 2024, and the cumulative requested revenue increase is $3.633 Billion. This will result in an increase in monthly bills for customers, adding to the already heavy burden that taxpayers face.

It is important for voters to voice their opinions at the public forums and let the CPUC know how this increase will impact them. It is unacceptable that SDG&E is burdening the already strained taxpayer, especially after already raising rates to the highest in the country. Additionally, the company is relying heavily on the public to support them by pushing people to cut back on usage.

SDG&E’s request is not in the best interest of the public, and it is important for the CPUC to consider the impact on the community before making a decision. The company claims that the increase is necessary to continue to invest in its gas and electric systems to enhance safety and reliability, invest in clean energy technologies, and provide safe, reliable, and responsive customer service. However, the burden should not fall solely on the taxpayers, and SDG&E should look for alternative solutions to fund these efforts.

It is important for voters to participate in the public forums and provide their comments and concerns to the CPUC’s Administrative Law Judge. The hearings will be held on March 6, 15, and 23, 2023, and can be attended in person or virtually. It is time for the CPUC to consider the impact on the community and reject SDG&E’s request to burden taxpayers with yet another rate increase.

Image Credit: Canva