Stand Against Nathan Fletcher’s Ambition: A Condemnation of the Abandonment of Supervisor District 4

The electorate has a responsibility to stand up for the values and principles that define their community. This is why they must take a strong stand against the political ambition of former Republican and current Democrat, Nathan Fletcher.

Nathan Fletcher has a long history of disregarding the well-being of his constituents, and his recent announcement of his candidacy for the 39th Senate District is a testament to his unquenchable thirst for power and personal gain.

During his time as Supervisor of District 4, Fletcher was responsible for implementing and enforcing the San Diego shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. The San Diego shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of Fletcher’s leadership. Under his guidance, thousands of people and businesses were left struggling, with many never recovering from the damage done. This alone should raise red flags about his ability to lead effectively.

Nathan Fletcher is not fit to serve as a senator, and his political ambition knows no bounds. He was willing to leave his family for political gain, and he has no problem leaving his constituents in Supervisor District 4 behind just a couple of months after winning the election.

The voters cannot let him do the same to the constituents of the 39th Senate District. They must come together to stop Fletcher’s self-serving policies and elect a candidate who truly represents the values of their community.

It’s clear that Nathan Fletcher will stop at nothing to advance his own political career, even if it means leaving the people he’s supposed to represent behind. He was willing to leave his family for political gain, what’s stopping him from doing the same to the constituents in the 39th Senate District? Can you imagine Governor Fletcher?

Photo from: Phrom1918.