Unethical Business Practices of Democrats in Chula Vista Exposed

Grassroots Resources Firm, Owned by Chief of Staff to San Diego City Council Member Stephen Whitburn, Conducts Business Despite Suspension

The recent revelation of the unethical business practices of Democrats in Chula Vista has come to light, and it’s not a good look for the party. The political consulting firm owned by San Diego City Council member’s chief of staff Jesus Cardenas has continued to conduct business, even though it was suspended by state officials early last year.

Grassroots Resources, the firm owned and operated by Jesus Cardenas, raised and spent over $200,000 on digital advertising in the final months of 2022, according to recent election filings. This is particularly concerning given that the firm was suspended by the state Franchise Tax Board since Jan. 3, 2022, and yet continued to conduct business.

What’s even more worrying is that Grassroots Resources collected $117,500 from the local Democratic Party of San Diego County between early September and late October in 2022, records show, pushing its election-season campaign activity to at least $205,000.

To add insult to injury, Jesus Cardenas is the brother of City Councilmember Andrea Cardenas, showing that corruption is involved with all of the members except for Mayor John McCann. Whitburn decided not to comment on the latest spending by the county Democratic Party, which until last May was chaired by Whitburn’s longtime roommate, Will Rodriguez-Kennedy.

The fact that Democrats in Chula Vista have been engaging in such unethical business practices is truly disappointing, and it raises questions about their commitment to transparency and accountability. It’s crucial that these issues are addressed and resolved promptly to restore the trust of the people of Chula Vista in their elected officials.