Democrats’ Continued Failures Since Mishandling of Covid Highlighted in Chronic Absenteeism Crisis in San Diego Unified Schools

Democrats’ Failure to Address Chronic Absenteeism Crisis in San Diego Unified Schools

As voters across the country continue to push for education reform and increased accountability, a report from the Voice of San Diego’s Parent’s Guide to San Diego Schools sheds light on the failure of the Democrat-led government to address the issue of chronic absenteeism in San Diego Unified schools.

According to the report, 11 out of the 20 schools with the highest rates of chronic absenteeism are located south of Route 94, which serves as an economic barrier in the city of San Diego, with higher poverty rates and fewer economic opportunities than the north. Similarly, 14 of the 15 schools with the most chronic absenteeism in San Diego Unified are located south of Interstate 8, with seven schools clustered in one ZIP code with the lowest median household income in the county.

The consequences of chronic absenteeism are dire, with studies linking it to poor academic performance and an increased likelihood of dropping out. Since the pandemic, the rate of chronic absenteeism has nearly tripled statewide, from around 11% to around 30%, with San Diego Unified experiencing a rate of around 34% in the 2021-2022 school year. Shockingly, the report shows that the percentage of pupils chronically absent in the top 15 San Diego Unified schools on the list ranges from 63% to 89%.

Experts warn that the learning losses associated with chronic absenteeism can have cumulative effects, making it difficult for students to catch up. The failure of the government to address this crisis is particularly troubling for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations and communities of color, who are already more prone to chronic absenteeism. The Democrat government’s inability to improve the lives of historically ignored neighborhoods, especially Latino communities, is one of the reasons for the high levels of chronic absenteeism in San Diego Unified schools.

Voters have long called for education reform, increased accountability, and better outcomes for all students. The failure of the Democrats in San Diego to address chronic absenteeism is yet another example of their inability to deliver on their promises. From crumbling infrastructure to their mishandling of the Covid epidemic, the Democrats have consistently failed to improve the lives and education of children in marginalized communities. Rather than prioritizing education, they seem to be more concerned with promoting a “woke” agenda, as evidenced by their inability to address the crisis. It’s time for Democrats to take responsibility and work towards real solutions for the education crisis in San Diego.

Image Credit: Canva