Democrats Should Not Use Their Power to Target Disliked Groups

Voters Must Stand Up Against Politicians Who Target Groups Based on Personal Bias, Not Facts

Former Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego is facing criticism from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for her “animus” and “pure spite” towards Uber and other companies while creating her anti-independent contractor law, Assembly Bill 5, which was passed in 2019.

Now leading the California Labor Federation, the same organization that sponsored AB 5 and oversaw numerous carveouts bestowed on favored professions explicitly denied to app-based rideshare and delivery, Gonzalez’s behavior is coming under intense scrutiny. The 9th Circuit, which recently reinstated a lawsuit against AB 5, noted the arbitrary bequeathing of exemptions to similarly situated app-based platforms, while “singling out” Uber, Postmates and others with “animus rather than reason.”

It’s unacceptable for politicians to misuse their power to target groups they disagree with, and voters should hold them accountable for their actions. The behavior of politicians like Gonzalez goes against the principles of fairness and justice, and it’s essential to demand transparency and fairness in our government.

During oral arguments, the state’s deputy attorney general was unable to articulate a rationale for AB 5 that explains the exemptions made by the law. It’s clear that the law itself is flawed, and it’s essential to fix the many inconsistencies of AB 5 to ensure fairness for all Californians.

It’s time for politicians to stop targeting groups they disagree with and start working towards creating policies that benefit everyone. We cannot allow politicians to use their positions of power to push their personal agendas at the expense of others.