Former Councilman Scott Sherman Advocates for Common Sense Approach to SANDAG Mileage Tax Proposal

Former Councilman and Republican Party of San Diego County Communications Chair Scott Sherman is a public figure who has spoken out about the proposed SANDAG Mileage Tax, which would charge drivers based on the number of miles they travel in San Diego County. Sherman has expressed his opposition to this tax, arguing that it lacks common sense and would unfairly burden low-income residents who may not have access to public transportation. He has suggested that instead of implementing a new tax, SANDAG should focus on finding more efficient and cost-effective ways to fund transportation infrastructure projects in the region. Overall, Sherman’s position on the SANDAG Mileage Tax reflects his belief in practical and sensible solutions to public policy challenges.

Scott Sherman weighs in on SANDAG Mileage Tax – YouTube


Image Credit: Canva