Mayor John McCann Announces Transition Advisory Committee

Chula Vista – Mayor McCann assembles an 18-member bi-partisan committee that will help him transition from council member to the leader of the 2nd largest city in San Diego
County. The group of volunteers will be focusing on housing affordability, local education, homelessness, and public safety. 
The committee roster includes:
  • Dan Hom (CEO and President, Focuscom Inc.)
  • David Bejarano (Former San Diego and Chula Vista Chief of Police Former U.S. Marshal)
  • Honorable Cheryl Cox (Former Mayor of Chula Vista)
  • George Ching (Government Affairs Director, Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors)
  • Richard D’Ascoli (CEO, Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors)
  • John Hess (Fire Engineer, Chula Vista Fire Department)
  • Nicole Hobson (President, Association of Chula Vista Employees)
  • Nadia Kean-Ayub (Executive Director, Rainbow Spaces)
  • Dr. Hamid Mani, M.D. (Ophthalmic Surgeon, Director, Stratify Genomics, Speaker’s Cabinet Member, United States Congress)
  • Alex Navarrete (General Manager, Karinas Group)
  • Jacob O’Neill, Esq. (Patterson Law Group, APC)
  • Bill Ostrem (President and CEO, Black Mountain Ranch LLC.)
  • David Oyos (President, Chula Vista Police Officers Association)
  • Darshan Patel (CEO, Hotel Investment Group)
  • Shawna Patton (Vice President, CGI)
  • Jim Pieri (CEO and President, Mountain West Real Estate)
  • Eduardo Reyes (Superintendent, Chula Vista Elementary School District)
  • Mark Sanchez (Superintendent/President, Southwestern College)
“I’ve always respected Mayor McCann for his ability to solve problems and put party politics aside for the betterment of the community,” said Hom.
“We know that Mayor McCann is a leader committed to addressing housing needs in Chula Vista, so I look forward to collaborating on ways to make the city a more affordable place to live,” said Ching.
“These individuals were hand selected because of their years of service in the South Bay and I will be leaning on them for their expertise,” said McCann.