Meet Kristie Bruce-Lane: The Advocate for Homeless and Literacy Running for the 76th Assembly Seat

As the race for the 76th Assembly Seat heats up, it is crucial that voters pay close attention to the candidates running for office. One such candidate is Kristie Bruce-Lane, whose impressive record of community service and advocacy makes her an excellent choice for this important position.

As President and Founder of The Thumbprint Project Foundation, Kristie Bruce-Lane has dedicated herself to helping homeless children who have been impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence. Her work in this area has earned her widespread recognition and praise, as she has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

In addition to her work with The Thumbprint Project Foundation, Bruce-Lane also serves as a Board Member for Door of Hope/Salvation Army Homeless Services Committee and The San Diego Council on Literacy, where she is the founder of Healing Through Literacy. Her dedication to improving literacy rates in San Diego has been an integral part of her work to uplift underserved communities and provide children with the tools they need to succeed.

As a Continuum of Care Member at the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, Bruce-Lane has demonstrated a deep understanding of the root causes of homelessness and has worked tirelessly to find solutions to this critical issue. Her experience in this area will be invaluable as she works to represent the people of the 76th Assembly District.

Bruce-Lane’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of her community is also evident in her work as a Board Member of the President’s Council Palomar Health. She has been a tireless advocate for nursing home reform, using her platform to educate and support a united voice for long-term care reform.

Finally, as the former Chair of Business Partnerships at Academy of Business and Technology, Bruce-Lane has shown her commitment to mentoring underserved students and providing scholarships to bridge their way to college. Her work in this area highlights her dedication to investing in the future of our community and ensuring that all young people have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Kristie Bruce-Lane is an exceptional candidate who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving her community. Her extensive experience in advocacy, community service, and education make her an excellent choice for the 76th Assembly Seat. As voters head to the polls, we urge them to carefully consider her record of service and commitment to improving the lives of all Californians.