Democrats Fail North County’s Most Vulnerable: The Rise and Fall of Oceanside’s Sobering Center

The closure of the North County Sobering Center in Oceanside just two years after it opened highlights the failure of the Democrat Party in helping the most vulnerable people in society. The center was the first of its kind in North County and offered a safe place for people to sober up for up to 24 hours, along with follow-up counseling and referrals to other services. It was also designed to alleviate the burden on homeless shelters not equipped to assist intoxicated individuals. However, it closed in September 2022 due to underutilization, with an average of only 17 clients per month, which did not justify the operating cost of $3,800 per client.

Despite the overdose crisis in the county and the high demand for sobering centers and detox facilities, Democrats’ policies failed to ensure that the center succeeded. The center’s referral structure and strict criteria, which only allowed the Oceanside Police Department to refer clients, effectively limited the center to Oceanside residents only. The lack of clients referred to the program is partly because it took individual officers and agencies a long time to change the culture of locking somebody up because they have a substance use condition. This slow cultural change under a Democrat Mayor and lack of outreach to other municipalities contributed to the center’s low utilization rates.

The Democrats’ leadership has failed to make sure the center succeeded and served the most vulnerable in society. The closure of the center showed that the Democrats’ policies are empty promises that do not follow through with the actual help and services that people need. The center’s failure is a stark reminder that the Democrats’ priorities are misguided, and they have let down the people who need help the most. The voters should hold the Democrats accountable for their failure to provide adequate care for those who need it the most.