Wasteful Spending and Misaligned Priorities: Mayor Todd Gloria’s Proposed Budget Misses the Mark

In Mayor Todd Gloria’s proposed budget, he plans to increase spending on homelessness and police overtime, despite evidence showing these approaches have failed in the past. With a budget exceeding $5 billion, Gloria’s misguided priorities waste taxpayer money on ineffective solutions, while ignoring better alternatives to address critical issues such as homelessness and police staffing challenges. San Diego deserves better leadership and smarter budgeting to truly address the needs of the city.

As Mayor Todd Gloria unveils his proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, concerns are being raised about the allocation of taxpayer dollars and the effectiveness of his spending priorities. Despite a track record of failed responses and increasing homelessness numbers under his leadership, Mayor Gloria is seeking to increase spending on homelessness without addressing the underlying issues. Furthermore, while his party has dehumanized the police and sought to make their jobs harder, Mayor Gloria is proposing an increase in police spending, leaving many questioning his budget’s alignment with the needs of the city.

One of the most concerning aspects of Mayor Gloria’s proposed budget is the increased spending on homelessness, which has been a persistent issue in San Diego. Despite previous spending of $63 million, homelessness numbers have continued to rise, and Mayor Gloria’s solution is to increase spending to $81.7 million. However, his plan includes allocating $5 million to open safe campsites for unhoused people, $1.8 million for existing and additional safe parking sites for people living in vehicles, and $16.6 million to continue existing shelter operations. While these measures may provide temporary relief, they fail to address the root causes of homelessness and do not offer sustainable long-term solutions.

Additionally, Mayor Gloria’s proposed budget includes $500,000 in additional funding for the Neil Good Day Center, a drop-in center for unhoused people. While this may seem like a positive step, the center’s services were recently cut, raising questions about the effectiveness of allocating more funds without addressing the issues that led to the reduction of services in the first place. Furthermore, the fact that providers now have to bid to operate the facility may impact the quality and availability of services, leading to further concerns about the efficacy of Mayor Gloria’s approach.

Another concerning aspect of Mayor Gloria’s proposed budget is his plan to increase police spending by nearly 5 percent. This comes after his party has dehumanized the police and sought to make their jobs harder, creating a strained relationship between law enforcement and the community. Mayor Gloria’s proposal to add 21 civilian employees to help address police staffing challenges and increase police overtime spending by $9.2 million raises questions about his priorities and consistency in addressing public safety concerns.

With wasteful spending and misaligned priorities, Mayor Todd Gloria’s proposed budget falls short of addressing the pressing issues facing San Diego. Instead of investing in sustainable solutions to homelessness and building positive relationships between law enforcement and the community, his budget appears to be throwing money at problems without addressing their root causes. As the City Council reviews the proposed budget, it is crucial for taxpayers and citizens to voice their concerns and demand better leadership that aligns with the needs of the city and its residents. San Diego deserves a budget that reflects responsible and strategic allocation of resources to bring about meaningful change, not just a continuation of failed responses and misplaced priorities.

Image Credit: Canva