Board of Supervisors Officially Sets August 15th for Special Election.

San Diego – Amy Reichert, a dedicated member of District 4 and a proud advocate for her community, has announced her candidacy for the position of Supervisor in the upcoming special election.

Amy Reichert expressed her excitement for the special election: “I am thrilled that the election is officially on, and we can move forward as a community. This resilient community deserves a leader who will prioritize their needs and aspirations. I am committed to ensuring that every resident’s voice is heard, and we work together to build a better future.”

Recognizing the importance of community values, Amy emphasized her commitment to unity, saying, “I firmly believe that every voice deserves to be heard, and I will work tirelessly to treat every person with unwavering dignity and respect. Together, we will rise above our challenges and pave the way for a stronger, more inclusive District 4.”

Amy also acknowledges the challenges posed by rising living costs, homelessness, and increasing crime rates. She recognizes that these issues require immediate attention and comprehensive solutions. Amy is determined to tackle these challenges head-on by implementing effective strategies prioritizing affordability, housing stability, and public safety.

“The rising cost of living, homelessness, and crime rates are critical quality of life issues that cannot be ignored. As Supervisor of District 4, I am committed to finding effective solutions to these challenges. By working together with the community, we will prioritize affordability, housing stability, and public safety. Together, we can create a District 4 where every resident feels secure, where opportunities are accessible, and where we can all enjoy an improved quality of life.”

Highlighting her track record of advocating for her community, Amy shared her accomplishments as a mother during the challenging times of the pandemic. “I focused on the safe reopening of schools, supporting struggling small businesses, and saving the jobs of thousands of city workers, including first responders, healthcare workers, and teachers,” she explained.

As the special election approaches, Amy Reichert’s campaign promises to center around the needs and aspirations of District 4 residents. By advocating for unity, integrity, and respect, she aims to bring about positive change and build a more inclusive future for all.