Councilwoman Laura Lothian: A Politician for Everyone, Focused on Depoliticizing City Hall

In a time when political messaging seems to infiltrate every aspect of public life, Councilwoman Laura Lothian stands as a beacon of leadership and inclusivity in La Mesa. With a clear vision for depoliticizing City Hall, she aims to create an environment that represents all people equally, free from bias or divisive agendas.

La Mesa’s longstanding tradition of not flying political, religious, or social messaging flags at City Hall was disrupted a couple of years ago when the City Council initiated the display of a non-government flag during the month of June. While some may argue for the importance of such displays, Lothian believes in upholding the neutrality and inclusivity of the institution that represents the entire community.

Last year, the City Council voted to make this flag display permanent and automatic, effectively limiting any dissenting voices on the matter. However, Councilwoman Lothian is determined to address this issue and restore City Hall’s role as a neutral space that focuses solely on serving the community.

In the upcoming City Council meeting on May 23rd, Lothian has placed an important agenda item: “Consideration of Directing Staff to Amend the Policy for the Display of Flags at City Facilities to Only Allow the Display of Government Flags at City Hall.” This proposal is not targeted at any specific group, but rather it aims to reaffirm the principle of depoliticization and ensure that City Hall remains a space where all citizens can engage in government affairs without being subjected to political messaging on social issues.

Lothian’s commitment to an inclusive and neutral City Hall is driven by her belief that public institutions should represent everyone equally. With her agenda item, she seeks to fly only the American, Californian, and La Mesa flags, symbols that unite rather than divide. By urging the community to support her proposal through virtual or in-person participation at the City Council meeting, or by writing to the City Council, Lothian invites residents to contribute to the vision of a City Hall that remains dedicated to its core purpose: serving the public without bias or political influence.

Councilwoman Laura Lothian’s leadership and dedication to depoliticizing City Hall exemplify her role as a politician for everyone. As she strives to uphold the principles of inclusivity and neutrality, she embraces the wise words of Ron Burgundy: “You stay classy, San Diego!” In supporting her vision, the community can work together towards a more unified and equitable La Mesa.

Councilwoman Laura Lothian: A Politician for Everyone, Focused on Depoliticizing City Hall

For La Mesa’s first 110 years, to the best of my knowledge, no political, religious or social messaging flags were ever flown on the flagpole at City Hall.

That changed a couple of years ago when La Mesa’s City Council initiated and then voted to fly a non-government flag at City Hall during the month of June.

Last year, the City Council voted to make this action permanent and automatic in an attempt to silence any dissent on this topic.

At next Tuesday, May 23rd’s City Council Meeting, I have on the agenda:


Please note this is not about any group – it is about de-politicizing an institution meant to represent all people equally and to display no bias, positive or negative, toward any segment of the population.

City Hall is already a place that is 100% inclusive with no one denied access or services. City Hall should remain completely neutral on social issues; members of the public deserve to conduct government business without being subjected to political messaging on any social issues.

If you agree that City Hall should fly only the American, Californian, and La Mesa flags, please support my agenda item by speaking virtually or in person at next Tuesday’s City Council meeting that starts at 6 p.m. or writing the City Council, links below.

Remember the immortal words of Ron Burgundy: You stay classy, San Diego!

How to Make Public Comments Fact Sheet:—How-to-Make-Public-Comments-During-City-Council-Meetings?bidId=

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