MEDIA STATEMENT: Supervisor Desmond’s Statement on Shots Fired at Border Patrol Agents

I am deeply alarmed by the recent shootings at border patrol agents and other agencies at the border.

Specifically, a shooting targeting border patrol agents and San Diego Fire and Rescue personnel who were tending to a four-year-old child dropped over the border fence east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Two days after another incident, Border Patrol agents came under gunfire at the border.

The Federal Government did not adequately prepare and resource the San Diego Region for the end of Title 42.

Our border patrol agents’ and first responders’ safety and security are paramount. These incidents highlight issues not adequately addressed for safe and secure borders.

The brazen attacks on our border patrol agents are a stark reminder of the dangerous conditions our brave law enforcement officers endure to carry out their duties to protect us. I want to thank them for their bravery and commitment will continue to do whatever I can to support their efforts.

Desmond Border Shots