Supervisor Jim Desmond: A Lone Voice for Accountability and Comprehensive Solutions in Housing Policy

Desmond: A Beacon of Leadership and Accountability in Challenging Times

In a recent decision by the San Diego Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Jim Desmond emerged as the lone voice of reason, casting the sole “no” vote against a housing initiative aimed at combating homelessness. While his colleagues may have succumbed to this bad idea, Supervisor Desmond remained steadfast in his commitment to representing his constituents and upholding the values of fiscal responsibility and accountability. His principled stance against the exorbitant $157 million expenditure, amounting to $478,000 per unit, deserves recognition as a shining example of true Republican leadership.

Supervisor Desmond’s opposition to the memorandum of agreement reflects a deep understanding of the underlying issues contributing to the homelessness crisis. He astutely recognizes that addressing the root causes of homelessness is vital for meaningful change. While the purchase of hotels may appear to be a quick-fix solution, Desmond rightly argues that it fails to confront the true complexities at hand.

Drawing from his prior discussions on the subject, Supervisor Desmond highlights the failure of the “Housing First” policy in our state. By disregarding sobriety or substance use as eligibility criteria, this approach overlooks the critical need for comprehensive solutions that prioritize mental health services and addiction recovery programs. Supervisor Desmond’s opposition to the conversion of hotels into housing units for the homeless underscores his commitment to addressing the core issues, rather than merely providing temporary shelter.

Supervisor Desmond’s unwavering commitment to the principles of fiscal responsibility and accountability sets him apart as a true leader. The $157 million expenditure proposed under the current initiative raises valid concerns about the judicious allocation of taxpayer funds. In a time when financial prudence is more critical than ever, Supervisor Desmond’s lone vote against this exorbitant spending demonstrates his unwavering dedication to protecting the interests of our county.

Desmond is not content with merely opposing ineffective policies; he is a strong advocate for comprehensive solutions that will break the cycle of homelessness. By redirecting efforts toward mental health services and addiction recovery programs, he envisions a future where individuals are empowered to achieve sobriety and gain access to the necessary support and resources. It is through such holistic approaches that lasting change can be achieved, and Supervisor Desmond is at the forefront of this visionary thinking.

In a political landscape fraught with divisive issues, Supervisor Jim Desmond has emerged as a beacon of leadership and accountability. His recent lone vote against the housing initiative, which aimed to address homelessness, has reaffirmed his commitment to his constituents and the principles of San Diego County. By focusing on the root causes of homelessness and advocating for comprehensive solutions, Supervisor Desmond has proven himself to be a true leader on the San Diego Board of Supervisors. As we move forward, it is imperative that we recognize and support elected officials like Supervisor Desmond, who embody the values of integrity, fiscal responsibility, and a genuine dedication to creating lasting change in our communities. To learn more about Supervisor Jim Desmond and his stance on critical issues, visit his website at

$157 Million Dollars at $478,000 Per Unit to House the Homeless?

Earlier this week, The Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 to authorize a memorandum of agreement between the County of San Diego and the San Diego Housing Commission to purchase four hotels in an effort to combat homelessness.

I was the lone “no” vote as this legislation fails to address the root causes of homelessness and lacks the necessary accountability for taxpayer funds. Spending over $157 million taxpayer dollars at $478,000 per unit is not the solution.

A few weeks ago, I discussed “Housing First” and why this policy is failing our state.

The purchase of hotels is another example of the wrong approach as the goal will be to convert them into housing for the homeless. Because this is a “Housing First” project it disregards sobriety or substance use as eligibility criteria.

We must redirect our efforts toward comprehensive solutions prioritizing mental health services and addiction recovery programs. By focusing on enabling individuals to achieve sobriety, and by providing access to the necessary support and resources, we can break the cycle of homelessness and create a lasting impact.

San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond

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