Unions’ Endorsement of Monica Montgomery Steppe Raises Concerns About Divisiveness

In a not-so-surprising move, Reparations Task Force Member Monica Montgomery Steppe has secured an endorsement in the race to replace former County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. SEIU Local 221, the largest county union representing over 13,000 workers, has announced their support for Montgomery Steppe’s campaign for District 4 supervisor. However, this endorsement raises serious questions about the union’s priorities and reveals a concerning pattern of racism and divisiveness.

SEIU Local 221 claims that their endorsement of Montgomery Steppe is based on her work towards equity and support for working families and communities. But a closer examination reveals a troubling agenda that seeks to divide our society along racial lines. Montgomery Steppe is part of a statewide reparations task force that advocates for treating individuals differently solely based on their race. Such an approach is divisive and potentially discriminatory, going against the principles of fair and equal treatment for all residents of San Diego County.

By supporting Montgomery Steppe, SEIU Local 221 is aligning itself with a candidate who seeks to separate the population based on race, undermining the very fabric of our diverse community. This endorsement sends a message that the union is willing to support candidates who promote policies that perpetuate division rather than unity. It is disheartening to see a prominent union embracing such a misguided agenda.

Furthermore, the endorsement of Montgomery Steppe highlights a concerning pattern within the Democratic Party, which has consistently failed to address allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment within its own ranks. With serious accusations against Supervisor Fletcher and questions surrounding the fitness of other candidates, voters must carefully consider the potential for continued abuse of power if Montgomery Steppe were to assume office.

It is clear that the Democratic Party’s track record in candidate selection is cause for concern. Their poor judgment and failure to address serious issues erode the public’s trust and confidence in their ability to lead. San Diego County deserves better than candidates who are tainted by allegations of misconduct or who support divisive and discriminatory policies.

As voters, we must carefully consider the implications of these endorsements and the candidates’ records before making our decision. The future of our county depends on choosing leaders who uphold the values of fairness, integrity, and unity. We must reject divisive agendas and support candidates who genuinely represent the best interests of all residents.

Amy Reichert emerges as a strong alternative to the flawed choices put forth by the Democratic Party. Her commitment to integrity, accountability, and the well-being of San Diego County make her the clear choice to replace Supervisor Fletcher. It is time to break free from the cycle of poor leadership and embrace a candidate who will truly serve the interests of all citizens.

Image Credit: Canva