County and City Leaders to Speak Out Against Housing First Policy Amid Record Homelessness in San Diego

WHAT:             On Friday morning, Supervisor Jim Desmond, El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey, Oceanside Councilman Ryan Keim, and Solutions for Change CEO Chris Megison will join forces to address the pressing issue of chronic homelessness in San Diego. The press conference will shed light on the failures of the Housing First approach, and push for treatment and accountability tied to housing to address core issues with people who are homeless. Solutions For Change graduates will join them, a non-profit group that has made remarkable strides in combating homelessness. Despite its success, Solutions for Change is not eligible for state or federal funding due to its refusal to abide by the Housing First approach.

WHEN:            Friday, June 2 @ 9:30AM


WHERE:           County Operations Office (Entrance to Campus Center Chambers)

                             5520 Overland Ave,

San Diego, CA 92123

WHO:               San Diego County Supervisor, Jim Desmond

                             Coronado Mayor, Richard Bailey

                             El Cajon Mayor, Bill Wells

                             Oceanside Councilman, Ryan Keim

                             Solutions for Change CEO, Chris Megison

                             Graduates of Solutions for Change

WHY:                   In the years following the Housing First implementation in California, the state has witnessed an alarming surge of 93% in chronic homelessness. This staggering statistic highlights the stark reality that the current system, with its lack of accountability, has let down not only the citizens of San Diego but also those enduring the hardships of life on the streets. The collective voices of these community leaders and the Solutions for Change CEO seek to advocate for alternative solutions that address the root causes of homelessness while holding those responsible accountable for their actions.