Issa: We now know Biden allowed Afghanistan to collapse

“This obliterates Biden’s big lie about his Afghanistan disaster”

Escondido — Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-48) today issued the following statement after reading the Afghanistan “dissent cable,” which was prepared by American officials on the ground and warned the Biden Administration that the president’s reckless withdrawal there would fail.

“We learned today that in the summer of 2021, American officials on the ground in Afghanistan predicted – with great accuracy – exactly what was going to happen if the Biden White House did not correct its chosen course of action. The State Department acknowledged and assured that the message was received and would not be taken lightly. Instead, it was ignored by this Administration, which has asserted ever since that no one could have possibly predicted the ensuing disaster.

“Many of the cable’s authors were senior officials in the State Department who knew and understood that Kabul would fall within weeks, the Taliban would continue to kill and persecute, and that billions worth of American equipment would fall in their hands. The Administration allowed this to happen.

“As the Biden State Department refused to provide this information, Chairman McCaul successfully fought through months of opposition and made good on his promise to ensure that every member of the Foreign Affairs Committee would have access to this cable.

“Ultimately, this document was restricted from public view not because it is secret, but because it is embarrassing. There’s absolutely no reason the American people – especially the families of the fallen in Afghanistan – shouldn’t know the truth. I will not rest until they do. Nothing ends here.”