Councilwoman Laura Lothian: A Defender of Constituents’ Rights and the Second Amendment

Councilwoman Laura Lothian of La Mesa is making her voice heard in defense of her constituents’ rights and the fundamental right to self-defense. With the Second Amendment under attack once again, Councilwoman Lothian is standing up against proposed legislation that would restrict law-abiding residents’ access to their legal firearms. As an ardent advocate for individual freedoms, she believes in safeguarding the sacred right of self-defense enshrined in the Constitution.

California already boasts some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, with severe penalties for gun owners who possess firearms accessible to minors or felons. However, Councilmembers Dillard and Shu, supported by Councilman Parent, are attempting to push through legislation that would further limit quick access to firearms for law-abiding citizens in La Mesa. Councilwoman Lothian sees this as a direct violation of the constitutional rights protected by the Second Amendment.

Determined not to remain silent in the face of eroding freedoms, Councilwoman Laura Lothian is taking a firm stand against these proposed restrictions. She recognizes that the right to self-defense is the most fundamental right of every individual and believes that law-abiding citizens should not be hindered in exercising this right. Councilwoman Lothian’s unwavering commitment to upholding the Constitution and defending the rights of her constituents sets her apart as a strong and principled leader.

Councilwoman Lothian understands that responsible gun ownership plays an important role in maintaining the safety and security of communities. Rather than imposing additional limitations on law-abiding citizens, she emphasizes the need for a balanced approach that addresses the root causes of violence and crime. By focusing on effective law enforcement, mental health support, and community engagement, Councilwoman Lothian believes that La Mesa can foster a safer environment without compromising individual liberties.

As Councilwoman Laura Lothian raises her voice in defense of her constituents’ rights and the Second Amendment, she encourages residents to join her in protecting these fundamental freedoms. Her firm belief in the importance of individual rights and the constitutional guarantee of self-defense drives her determination to fight against restrictive measures that would hinder law-abiding citizens. By standing together, the people of La Mesa can send a resounding message that their rights should not be infringed upon, and that their elected representatives must prioritize the preservation of constitutional freedoms.

2nd Amendment Under Attack, Again, in La Mesa

The right to self-defense is our most fundamental right.

California already has the strictest gun laws in the country.

It is illegal and punishable by jail or prison time for gun owners to possess firearms accessible to minors or felons.

Tonight, Councilmembers Dillard and Shu, with the support of Councilman Parent, who tried this last year, will start the process of making it unlawful for law-abiding La Mesans to have quick access to their legal firearms.

This is a violation of our most sacred right of self-defense and our 2nd Amendment Right guaranteed by the Constitution.

I cannot remain silent while my government erodes my freedoms. I hope you feel the same way.

Speak or call in to tonight’s city council meeting

La Mesa City Hall
8130 Allison Ave.
6 PM Tuesday, July 11th
Telephone (Audio only) (669) 900-6833
or (253) 215-8782

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