The Democrats’ Fumble: Inflation’s Unwanted Comeback and the Disastrous Policies of Congressman Mike Levin

In a political landscape marked by missteps and blatant ignorance of economic realities, the Democrats and their ilk, including Congressman Mike Levin, continue to dig a deeper hole for America’s already struggling households. It has been a year since Levin cast his vote in favor of the ill-conceived Inflation Reduction Act, a law that promised to mitigate inflation but instead has thrown the country into an economic tailspin, underscoring a gross misunderstanding of basic economic principles.

The severity of the situation is reflected in the rising prices of basic goods and services, a grim reality that American families encounter daily. Pet food prices have shot up by 12.1%, placing a heavy burden on households with pets. Bread, a staple in most homes, has seen an alarming 11.5% price hike. Fruits and vegetables, essential for a healthy diet, are now 8.8% more expensive.

In an economy where many people are already struggling to make ends meet, rent has surged by 8.3%, posing a significant challenge to housing security. Baby food and formula, critical for the youngest members of our society, have increased in price by 7.5%. A general increase in the price of all food items has been noted, with a rise of 5.7%. In an era where clean, reliable electricity is no longer a luxury but a necessity, the cost has inflated by 5.4%.

In addition to these daily necessities, the larger financial landscape for American households has also been adversely affected. Mortgage rates have soared to a 20-year high, topping 7%. To add salt to the wound, Fitch Ratings, a global leader in credit ratings and research, downgraded the United States’ national debt rating from AAA to AA+.

This maelstrom of rising costs and deteriorating national financial health is a direct result of the misguided policies of Biden’s administration and his Congressional enablers, such as Congressman Levin. As Ben Petersen, the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) Western Press Secretary, aptly puts it, “Everything Biden and his extreme enablers in Congress like Mike Levin do is a failure; their handling of the economy is no exception.”

Indeed, the track record of Levin and his Democratic colleagues is a litany of failures, which are increasingly hard to ignore. The disastrous economic consequences of the Inflation Reduction Act are a testament to this, reflecting poor policy decisions and a worrying lack of understanding of fundamental economics.

The narrative of the Biden administration and its supporters, like Levin, appears to be more about political maneuvering than about serving the American people. Their policies are causing significant financial distress to families nationwide, and it’s time voters understand the gravity of the situation.

Americans deserve leadership that genuinely serves their interests, understands the intricacies of the economy, and can navigate the country towards prosperity. The current administration, with Levin as one of its most vocal supporters, has proven incapable of providing such leadership. As voters, the power to enact change rests with us, and it is critical to remember the failures of Levin and his peers when casting our votes.

So, in the upcoming elections, remember the real-world impacts of poor policy-making, the rising costs of living, the deteriorating national debt rating, and most importantly, remember who was at the helm during this turbulent time – Congressman Mike Levin and his Democrat colleagues. As Ben Petersen reminds us, it’s time to hold them accountable for their actions.

Inflation Hasn’t Gone Away

It’s been one year since Mike Levin voted for the disastrous Inflation Reduction Act, which has done the opposite of what its title suggests.

Some alarming price increases over the past year include:

  • Pet Food: +12.1%
  • Bread: +11.5%
  • Fruits and Vegetables: +8.8%
  • Rent: +8.3%
  • Baby Food and Formula: +7.5%
  • All Food: +5.7%
  • Electricity: +5.4%

All of this is bad enough, but lest we forget that mortgage rates have topped 7% to a 20 year high AND Fitch Ratings cut our national debt rating from AAA to AA+.

Everything Biden and his extreme enablers in Congress like Mike Levin do is a failure; their handling of the economy is no exception.” – NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen

Ben Petersen
Western Press Secretary

Image Credit: Canva