Oceanside Councilman Ryan Keim Announces Candidacy for Oceanside Mayor

Oceanside, CA – September 8, 2023 – Today, Oceanside Councilman Ryan Keim proudly declares his intent to run for Mayor in the upcoming 2024 election. Keim, a steadfast and experienced leader, aims to continue his legacy of common-sense leadership in the city where he grew up and has been a dedicated resident for over three decades.


A true Oceanside native, Ryan Keim’s journey into public service and leadership began when he was appointed to the Police and Fire Commission while pursuing his education at California State University San Marcos. He served with the Oceanside Police Department for ten years between 2006 and 2016, where he was assigned to the Neighborhood Policing Team and the Gang Suppression Unit. During this time, Keim collaborated extensively with various community groups to address quality-of-life issues and focused on mentoring at-risk youth, encouraging them to prioritize education and make positive life choices.


“We need strong, consistent leadership to really make a difference,” Keim emphasized. “Our biggest issue is homelessness and the associated crime. We need creative ways to ensure our residents are safe, and I am ready to tackle these issues.”


Keim’s dedication to the community extends beyond addressing homelessness and crime. He is deeply concerned about the erosion of Oceanside’s cherished beaches.


Supervisor Jim Desmond, County Supervisor for District 5, expressed his full support for Ryan Keim, stating, “Ryan Keim is a proven leader in Oceanside. He is dedicated to fighting for the well-being of every resident, and I have complete confidence in his ability to bring about positive change in our city.”


The Oceanside Police Officers Association (OPOA) also voiced their strong support for Keim. OPOA President Jeff Vandenberg stated, “Ryan Keim has consistently supported law enforcement and our mission to keep Oceanside safe. We believe he is the candidate who will work tirelessly to support and protect the police, ensuring that Oceanside remains a safe and thriving community.”


As Oceanside gears up for the 2024 mayoral election, Ryan Keim stands as a beacon of common-sense leadership, a long-time resident, and a dedicated public servant determined to make Oceanside an even better place for all its residents.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Ryan Keim

(760) 521-6034