Rising Crime Rates Spark Concern Over Levin’s Policies

A recent surge in violent crime coupled with a decline in arrests has turned the spotlight on the policies supported by Representative Mike Levin and other Democrats. Levin’s endorsement of reduced penalties for violent crimes and cuts to local police funding is drawing criticism as San Diego, and the larger California area, grapples with escalating crime rates.

Levin’s voting record, characterized by support for policies that critics argue undermine law enforcement and public safety, is coming into focus. The representative’s stance on criminal penalties and police funding is being examined in light of the current crime data trends.

The impact of these policies is being felt on the streets of Southern California, with residents facing increased safety concerns. As the city confronts this public safety challenge, the policies and actions of lawmakers like Levin are under review, with calls for a reevaluation of strategies to combat the rise in crime.

California violent crime skyrockets as arrests plummet

Violent crime skyrocketed and arrests plunged in California in 2022, new data revealed.

Mike Levin has co-signed extreme Democrats’ soft on crime, defund the police agenda:

“Southern California got more dangerous because Mike Levin and his extreme allies cater to criminals. Levin won’t stop slashing at public safety until he’s fired.” – NRCC Spokesperson Ben Petersen

Ben Petersen
Western Press Secretary
BPetersen@NRCC.org | @BenNPetersen

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