San Diego and NBA Legend Bill Walton Endorses Amy Reichert for San Diego County Supervisor

Bill Walton, an NBA icon and one of the most beloved figures in San Diego’s history, has officially endorsed Amy Reichert for San Diego County Supervisor. This momentous endorsement signifies a call for change, accountability, and a brighter future for San Diego County.


Amy Reichert expressed her deep gratitude for Bill Walton’s support, stating, “It is an absolute honor to receive Bill Walton’s endorsement. Bill speaks for countless San Diegans seeking a transformative change in our county’s leadership. His endorsement is a testament to the urgency and need for new perspectives, values, and action in our beloved San Diego County.”


Bill Walton, an esteemed resident of San Diego and a basketball legend, has also voiced his fervent support for Amy Reichert, remarking, “I am voting for, endorsing, and supporting my friend Amy Reichert. Amy is the antithesis of the current political cabal that controls our beloved county and city. Our incumbent public officials reek of cynicism, hypocrisy, and deceit.”


Walton continues with a powerful call to action, “Enough of the current passing of laws and ordinances, filled with endless caveats and excuses, that are worthless, toothless, gutless, and useless. We want, need, and deserve results. We want an end to the chaos, anarchy, and misery. We want and need Amy Reichert now.”


The endorsement by Bill Walton highlights a growing sentiment among San Diegans seeking change and accountability from their elected officials. Through their policies and decisions, the incumbent public officials have failed to address the challenges faced by the homeless population in San Diego. These policies have stripped the homeless of their dignity and self-respect, increasing homelessness and criminal activity.


The endorsement from Bill Walton marks a turning point in San Diego County’s political landscape, signifying the need for fresh leadership and a renewed commitment to serving the interests of all San Diegans. Amy Reichert is determined to bring change to the region and restore San Diego’s reputation as a safe, secure, and thriving community for all.