Amy Reichert Statement on Election Results

Thank you, San Diego. I want to extend my deepest appreciation to the extraordinary network of individuals who have supported and stood by me throughout this remarkable journey. Foremost, my family – their unwavering dedication has been the bedrock of my endeavors, fueling every step taken in this campaign.

To all the supporters, volunteers, donors, and dedicated individuals who poured their time and energy into our cause, your unwavering commitment has been humbling and profoundly inspiring. While the results may indicate that victory in this election remains unattainable, my resolve to enhance the prosperity of San Diego County remains resolute.

Entering this race with a clear vision for a brighter future for our community, I acknowledge that our current path has fallen short. However, this setback only amplifies my determination to contribute significantly to our betterment.

Looking ahead, my dedication to tirelessly work towards uplifting San Diego in every possible way remains unwavering. Together, we can pursue progress, unity, and positive change. Your incredible support and shared vision for a stronger, more prosperous San Diego County have been invaluable. My campaign was always about transcending partisan politics, and despite the odds, I’m immensely proud that we achieved nearly 40% of the vote, surpassing the expectations tied to our voter registration.

This campaign was never about partisanship but rather a dedication to serving our community. Despite facing a considerable financial disparity with $1.1 million in interest money against zero, the strides we’ve made in the face of the challenges have been monumental.

I am deeply grateful for the support and belief in our shared vision for a better San Diego. The journey continues, and together, we will strive to create a brighter future for all residents of this remarkable county.